Who am I?

Hello virtual friends! My name is Yhoanis. I was born in Lima, Peru and I’m now living in Quebec city. I speak French, English and Spanish fluently. I’m 31 (and I’m freaking out, but that’s another story.) I like to travel, eat good food and love anything related to lifestyle. I’m now a freelance social media manager/strategist.

Why The French Latina?

I’ve struggled for a long time to find the perfect name for my blog. I’m quite a changeaholic as some of you may know. I needed a name that described my whole personality. As I like to say: I feel in Spanish, I think in French and I love anything English. I’m a French Canadian Latina. Living in a french world with a strong latin culture and a love for anything american is quite special. So I welcome you to my world, a mix of culture and of course a lot of fun.

What kind of blogger are you?

I’m always completely honest. I like to say how the things really are. I’m giving you full access to my personal life, so I will be transparent, funny and true in everything I write. This blog is about my way of living, styling, working, eating and traveling. Follow my thoughts through a journey of beautiful things, a pop of girly fun and a mix of cultures.

Where have I traveled?

Peru – Canada – United States – Mexico – Italy – France – Chile – Portugal – Spain – Iceland.

I haven’t visited all the countries in the world, neither all the cities in these countries, but I like to remind myself and be grateful for what I’ve seen and what I’ve discovered.